Proposal Template

To create a Umbrella Network Improvement Proposal (UIP), please use the following template and complete as much as information as possible;


Write a clear title explaining what the proposal is without a proposal number. Moderators will add a number once on-chain voting commences.


Your name and possible other contributors (this can be discourse/telegram/discord usernames).


Provide a brief, simplified explanation of your proposal that is ideally non-technical and straight forward for anyone to understand.


Provide an in-depth explanation of your proposal with thorough analysis breaking it down as far as possible what it is that you wish to propose and what will be changed if your proposal is implemented.


Please explain why you think this proposal needs to be implemented.


Provide a clear understanding why your proposal is a good idea considering both the pros and cons of your idea. This can be done by either answering questions, bullet points, or in paragraph form.


Please answer if a budget is required to implement this proposal.


Please include a poll to receive a first impression of the communities opinion on your proposal. Ensure to clearly outline the various options and include a ‘No’, or ‘New proposal’ option.