Proposal to vote to redeem RUMB1 on BSC

I had my eyes on UMB for a while but I never went in because of ethereum.

You know the one with the insanely high gas fees.

I have around $4000 worth of umb all staked on BSC printing RUMB1 that can be redeemed 1:1 for UMB Tokens. Nice!

The not nice : having to spend hundreds of dollars in fees to claim a few hundred dollars in rewards.

Will BSC holders ever get to redeem 1:1 on the BSC network?

Perhaps a vote ?

I believe the query has been raised. Its an option that could gain traction.

Due to lack of activity on the proposal, this will be closed. A suggestion moving forward for future proposals is to share these via the appropriate socials i.e. Discord/Telegram/Twitter etc to try and engage more activity.