Rumb1 locking period modification (12 months only)


Initially, Umbrella has announced that a staking will be available for Rumb1 holders with a 6 and 12 months locking period, with respectively 1,5x and 2x multiplier from Hadley APY.
This proposal is about cancel the 6 months locking period and transfer rewards to the 12 months locking period.
Consequently, we would have only one option for Rumb1 staking: 12 months with 2,5x multiplier.


IMO, incentive for 6 months locking at 1,5xHadley is not so good, and 12 months locking seems quite risky with “only” a 2xHadley multiplier rate.
I think a lot of UMB whale wont choose to take such a risk of 12 months locking, so they will probably reedeem their Rumb1 against UMB and dump them at the first opportunity.
This proposal intends to change that, offering to Rumb1 holders only one staking option: 12 months locking with 2,5xHadley multiplier.


More risks for long term holders with better rewards !


  • Yes, only one 12 months locking period for Rumb1 staking with better rate
  • No, want 6 and 12 months period

No, why rumb1 is more valuable in staking than UMB ?

The more choice people have the better I think so I would stick with the 6 and the 12.

2x Hadley should work around 80% APY based on current figures which isn’t bad at all

Due to lack of activity on the proposal, this will be closed. A suggestion moving forward for future proposals is to share these via the appropriate socials i.e. Discord/Telegram/Twitter etc to try and engage more activity.