Welcome to Umbrella Network's Governance Forum

The Umbrella Network Governance forum is an open platform where community members are welcome to submit ideas and proposals. The goal of this forum is to create a platform for the community to submit and discuss proposals related to the future of Umbrella Network.

To prevent any harmful content being submitted we have a set of ground rules as guidelines on this forum. These rules are set to create and foster an open yet safe environment where constructive discussion is encouraged.

  • We encourage anyone to contribute in a constructive and researched-based manner. Any and all ideas, proposals and research should be posted in a detailed and thoughtful manner.
  • Everyone is entitled to their opinions as long as it’s objective and respectful.
  • Any questionable content that could be seen as personal attacks, hate speech or any other form of disrespectful behavior will be dealt with through content moderation.

In the case of violation of any of the above set rules, Umbrella Network, as the moderator of this forum,
reserves the right to curate or censor content including the banning of users that don’t follow these guidelines.

For more information about Umbrella Network please visit our various community channels;

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